Basketball Planter
Basketball Planter
Basketball Planter
Basketball Planter
Basketball Planter
Basketball Planter
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    Basketball Planter


      We are excited to introduce our first hybrid basketball. When looking to combine our love for plants, home decor, and aesthetics, our basketball planter was born. This is a collaboration with the amazing team over at (

      You are purchasing a custom handmade and crafted with In The Lab basketball planter. This is a brand new basketball and not previously used for play. This planter has a 5-inch nursery pot built-in, and it is best designed for nursery potted plants 4” and below. 

      • Plant not included
      • Comes with an acrylic ball stand
      • Composite Leather
      • UV Light changing properties embedded in the leather
      • Regulation size and weight, available in official men's size only
      • Pebbled cover with deep channels and microfiber composite panels

      Recommended care

      We recommend using a plant with its own nursery pot to place inside the existing basketball pot. This will work best so you can take the plant out of the basketball to water since there is no drainage hole. Make sure that the water has drained before placing the plant back into the basketball planter.

      You can use the acrylic ball stand for display, or use another plant stand! The ball will also look great on a wall plant stand.