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The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Okay before we jump in take a few minutes and watch this video so you have some more context. All my Dragonball friends enjoy this little bit of nostalgia. 

If you're a fan of In The Lab, then you all know we're huge into anime and Dragonball. What's dope is that if you put our brand under a microscope (no pun intended) you'll see that its heavily influenced by shows such as Dragonball. 

Alright so the Hyperbolic Time Chamber may be one of the dopest things an anime writer has ever created. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which is also known as the Room of Spirit and Time is a place located on Kami's Lookout. One year inside the chamber is the equivalent to one day on the outside world. Inside the chamber brings you immediately into ten times earth's gravity, the air is denser and the temperature always fluctuates the deeper you get inside the training area. There is no night or day in the Room, but the surroundings remain a constant bright white aurora. If we break it down even further one minute of real time is approximately six hours, five minutes, and 15 seconds in the Chamber. This is a unique area where you come to hone your skills, train and surpass all limits. 

Imagine a place where you can go and work on whatever you wanted. A place with no distractions and where you were guaranteed to not miss anything from the real world. You come and lock in for one year and change yourself for the better, while only one day goes by on the outside world. Imagine the possibilities.......

What if something like this existed in real life (minus the time effect), a place where you could go to train, learn valuable life skills, soak up new knowledge, have fun and come out at the end of it a completely new person. Would that not be super dope? 


A magical place located in Los Angeles where you come to work with some of the best trainers in the world. You get to be on court with the man behind In The Lab, Devin Williams and you get to be off court with the homie Cornell aka nell aka baby face aka The Sports Physicist. You get to work towards achieving your dreams of playing high level basketball by working with the best over a set period of time of your choosing. What's dope is we take this so much further than just basketball. Our main goal is to help anyone who comes into the Time Chamber develop into a responsible and caring human being. An individual who knows how to cook, knows how to clean up, do chores, be excited to read a book and even things such as learning a new language or even simpler how to ride a skateboard. 

Over the last few months several athletes have entered the Time Chamber and exited with new skills and an overall changed mindset. Just think for a second how much you could benefit if you were to literally "live" inside the time chamber with the entire In The Lab team. Now imagine being there for a week....or two much can that benefit you and impact your future?

This is just the beginning of our very own Hyperbolic Time Chamber and as more people enter and it evolves we'll be sure to share the updates with all of you. For anyone who may be interested in coming down for this experience just hit me up on IG. 

Until next time y'all!

Your favourite brown guy, Nav. 


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