How WINNERS Rebound From Failure - In The Lab

How WINNERS Rebound From Failure

I Have Good News and Bad News, But Trust Me It’s What You Need To Hear

This is gonna be one of those emails you’ll want to save and come back to

Or who knows...maybe you’re somebody who needs to read this right now


 Here’s the bad news:

Whenever you strive for anything in life, failure is going to be inevitable - and there’s gonna come a time when you fail HARD REALLY hard 

Maybe it’s a bad breakup, maybe you got cut from your team, maybe you lose your job

 No matter what it is, it’s gonna feel like someone just punched you in the gut and ripped your heart out of your chest. You’ll curl up in a ball and feel like quitting everything. 


Here’s the good news:

The truth is: your brain is literally tricking you into thinking that you’re going to die

So how do you overcome a massive embarrassment or failure

 You have to overwhelm yourself with “sheer logic”

You need to convince yourself that you’re not going to die 

It sounds crazy, but go and read about the psychology behind this and you’ll see that I’m telling the truth. 

When you fail hard, you need to get back up, realize that you’re going to be okay, and keep working.  

The pain will subside once you regain your sense of self, but that will only happen if you get up and TAKE ACTION again

 Laying in bed, eating chips, and listening to Marvin’s Room is only going to make your situation worse

Make sense?

Go get in the lab


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