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The design that started it all

This is big for me because it’s an upgraded version of the first design that IN THE LAB released years ago.

I remember trying to describe the design to Marshal Johnson (IN THE LAB designer)….. “I want it to be like those Micky mouse hands but really… white scientist gloves……One hand throwing basketballs into the other hands beaker.”

He said “ alright I’ll cook something up” . And he came back with this…

It was perfect. Better than what I expected actually. We sold sooooo many hoodies. It blew my mind that people were ordering from other states and other countries. 

What people don’t know is that George and I were literally running our operation in the back of his dads beauty supply store called “YO BEAUTY SUPPLY” (Yes, the store was named by George lol.) We would get the order, package it ourselves, and take it right down to the post office. It was eye opening to know that there were people out there that really supported what we were doing.

We went through lots of issues though. Supply and demand, our hoodies were poor quality, we were over stocking our inventory, under charging, literally everyone was asking for us to send them gear for absolutely free. It’s tough because you want to, but if you do you go broke. 

To make a long story short, we learned a lot of lessons, fine tuned a lot of our issues on the business side, and got things rollin.

Lots of our fans asked that we come back out with the design for 2019 and so we made it happen.

This is for all those fans that rocked with us from the jump and everyone  who recently just started tuning in. This is our upgraded chemical green design, made from fine blends of polyester and combed cotton with modern fits and styling. We also added a nice little 10000 hours touch to the sleeves this time.

Much love to everyone, hope you guys enjoy the new gear.


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