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The World’s Top Performers Avoid “Burning Out” and Getting Stressed By Doing THIS

If you know anything about basketball, then you obviously know about Vince Carter…


He wasn’t just some “fly by night” player, he’s arguably the greatest dunker of all time. 


(We’ll have this debate another day lol)


As I sat back and thought about this a few days ago, I realized that this man played 22 seasons of NBA basketball…


...which means that he was one of the top basketball players in the world for 22 years. 


I don’t think you understand how significant that is...that’s longer than some of you reading this have been born. 


The thing that stuck out to me isn’t Vince’s skills or athleticism, but how did this man break the record for the longest career in NBA history?


The secret is obviously insane skill training and discipline, but the key is actually how Vince avoided “burnout”. 


A lot of people “burn out” in whatever career, sport, or goals they’re working on because they don’t play the long game with themselves mentally or physically. 


They cut into their sleep to work extra hours, not realizing that this actually has a harmful effect on their performance short term and long term. 


A lot of people get injured and don’t rest properly, and as a result they end up taking YEARS off of their athletic career by not addressing this properly. 


They don’t allow themselves to enjoy the process, which kills their mindset and causes stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.


Vince took everything week to week, month to month, and season to season being as smart as he possibly could and enjoying it along the way. 


Pursuing any goal is going to cause stress and there’s going to be some rough patches along the way. 


To avoid burning out, you need to be strategic in your approach to your mental health, physical health, your skill training, and athletic training (if you’re an athlete). 


If you want to be the Vince Carter in your own field, think like Vince. 


That’s all for now. 




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