The Creator Core is the "Dream Team" of basketball content creators all coming together to build something special. One of our main goals with In The Lab is to build it into one of the largest brands in the world. Watch this video to get full insight on everything we are trying to build and accomplish with In The Lab. 

@devinthelab // @inthelab


aka The Backyard Legend

I do a lot of things, but for the most part, I love making funny and creative content for hoopers. As I was growing up in Sacramento, I fell in love with sports and the culture surrounding them...basketball being my favorite.

After years of making content, I’ve been able to grow an audience of more than 2 million followers across all social media platforms! I played basketball in college, but after I got done I knew I wanted to still be involved with the game. I mixed my love for basketball with my passion for video production and started making content. My favorite thing is that I’m able to make people laugh and smile by combining the two together!

I appreciate everyone who has been rocking with me on this journey & I appreciate the new supporters as well! All in all, this life journey is never-ending...I’ll always be In The Lab!



Trainer & Founder of The Hoop House

Ryan's one of the fastest growing basketball trainers on social media, and his training resume is as long as they come. Ryan has his own gym in California where he can often be found training with top high school prospects in the country and hosting camps. On top of that he has trained thousands of players at every single level and coached alongside legendary figures in the basketball world.

 Ryan's crazy high success rate comes down to his deep knowledge of the game and his coaching & training experience.