World renowned author Malcolm Gladwell stated in his book, Outliers: Story of Success, that in order to have success in any field, one would need to devote 10,000 hours of practice and training to their craft. Filmmaker and basketball trainer, Devin Williams, captures the art of filmmaking through his passion and love for basketball in the world-renowned YouTube series TENOOOHOURS. 

Devin, born and raised in Gardena, California, began playing basketball at the young age of 8. After playing for and graduating from Price High School, Devin enrolled at Fresno State University before transferring to the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, where he would complete his basketball playing career. As part of his requirements to graduate, Devin was tasked to produce a "Day In The Life" themed video. This would eventually provide the backbone for the first pilot episode of TENOOOHOURS. This episode, intended only for his professor, would go on to become a viral sensation upon being uploaded to YouTube, propelling Devin to release 11 more episodes as part of his TENOOOHOURS series. 

Today, Devin travels the world training and engaging with athletes leveraging basketball and filmmaking. From the NBA to AAU, Devin's subjects are captured in captivating content that embodies the TENOOOHOURS test of training in what is now coined around the world as IN THE LAB. From home, to school and the basketball court, Devin's innovative approach to training has been a refreshing bridge between film and sport.  


Watch the video below to see the full story on Devin Williams and how he accidentally went viral and created In The Lab.