Sub-Zero Tutorial

Appreciate the support, take your time when going through each video. Remember that you can watch these as many times as you need and wherever you want. It helps if you can record your progress to see what you’re doing as you progress through the videos.

There are 5 videos in total:

Part 1 - Sub-Zero Tutorial

  • The mirror is one of the biggest keys to selling the whole move

  • Remember to stay relaxed when working on these steps, Tense ball handlers don’t sell moves

Part 2 - Sub-Zero Tutorial

  • Don’t forget about the steps in the first video

  • You don’t need to get really low for these moves unless you get low when shooting the basketball

Part 3 - Sub-Zero Tutorial

  • Selling the shot with your eyes is important, but make sure to relax when doing so

  • The freeze is the most important part of the whole move

Part 4 - Stationary Ball Handling Drills

  • This drill is for warming up before workouts or in your back yard

  • Players should do this once or twice a day

Part 5 - Sand Workout

  • If you don’t have a sand hill, any hill works