Do This Instead of Competing with Others (It Works Like Crazy)

by Devin Williams on Nov 22, 2022

Do This Instead of Competing with Others (It Works Like Crazy)

It’s a brand new week, which means we all get a brand new opportunity to get back to the Lab and improve. 

For us here at ITL, we’ve got a couple of brand new projects that we’re wrapping up right now…so stay tuned for another HUGE announcement real soon. 

But for today, we want to just talk about the power of collaborating with others on your own path. 

You’ve probably heard the cliche phrase:

“If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far…go together.”

This year, we put on yet another one of the biggest events in basketball social media history (2nd only to the original 2021 Creator Classic)...

…and the key to making that happen was working together with other popular creators in our space. 

Regardless of what your chosen arena in life is, there are people who have the same goals as you. 

On the one hand you could see them as competition, and to a degree you might be right. 

But is there some synergy?

Could you and others all win without anyone having to “lose”?

We figured out that we weren’t in competition with other basketball content creators, and that allowed us to collaborate and put on 2 of the biggest events in the space. 

Give this one a think…who can you align yourself with to achieve your goals faster?

You’d be surprised what partnering up with others could do for you. 

I’ll talk to you again soon,