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What I Learned Hooping Against Gerald Green

Last weekend was CRAZY to say the least…

You grow up watching certain hoopers compete at the highest level, and if you watch enough than these guys become larger than life to you. 

But last weekend, we had some ex-pro legends pop out to the ITL gym to compete in another huge live event, and I got to hoop against one of the most athletic players to ever touch a rock…

I’ve had a couple days to sit back and reflect on it now, but if there’s one thing that I can take away from last Saturday night, it’d be this 👇

When you’re on your journey, there’s going to be plenty of moments when the lights might feel to bright and the pressure might get too high. 

But in those moments, you just have to do you and trust yourself to make it work. 

We just pulled off the biggest live event involving social media basketball influencers and ex-NBA players ever. 

So trust me when I tell you that the pressure was very high coming into this event. 

But in the end, I trusted in myself and my team to pull it of and make it happen…and we did. 

No caving under pressure…

No shrinking down or procrastinating because we were afraid to fail…

We got it done. 

Not only that, but I got the chance to hoop against Gerald Green - someone me and my dad spent hours watching as I was growing up. 

And I could’ve easily let that get to my head…

…but you’ll have to watch the replay of the event to see how that one played out. 




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