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PG & Pat Beverly messed up BIG TIME...

When the initial incident happened, I knew exactly how this was going to play out lol…

There’s a rare breed of hoopers out there that you just don’t mess with.

I’ve coached and trained a few of them over the years...they’re the quiet ones. 

They’re the ones that don’t really talk too much, but you get this sense that they’re in their own world...almost unphased by what everyone else around them is doing. 

...Damian Lillard is one of those people, and PG & Pat Beverly just woke up a MONSTER. 

If I was LeBron right now, I’d be pissed all the way off at the Clippers lol. 

When Damian Lillard missed those two free throws, PG & Pat Beverly had a field day about it...but we’ve seen what Dame has done since then

...and what’s now happening with the Clippers too lol. 

Here’s my main takeaway…

Damian Lillard’s mental toughness is next-level, he made a mistake and has more than made up for it since then...tuning out all the noise and letting everyone know that he’s top dog. 

You probably have people like PG & Pat Bev in your own life right now…

...talking trash about you when you succeed

...talking down on you or criticizing you for making mistakes

...cracking jokes and not giving you the respect you deserve. 

But now, it’s time for you to respond. 

I can GUARANTEE Damian Lillard spent hours shooting free throws after that miss, but it’s because he expects more of himself. 

It’s time for you to tune out the noise and focus on yourself. 

That also includes getting rid of your desire for praise when you do something well.

How can you bring this mentality to what you do?

Regardless of how you apply it, adapting Dame’s mentality will make you one of the best at what you do. 

Point blank. 

I’m putting the finishing touches on some brand new stuff that we’ve got coming these next few weeks, so stay tuned and stay in the lab. 

I’ll talk to you soon, 



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