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I never thought I’d be competing with Kobe...


Some moments just don’t seem real as your experiencing them for the first time. 

For some people it’s opening that acceptance letter for their dream job or school. 

For other people it’s hitting a major game-winner and the celebration that comes right after. 

I’ve had a few of these moments in my life...but NOTHING comes close to being a finalist next to Kobe in this year’s Hashtag Sports

I tweeted about this the other day, check it out here

I remember getting tagged and seeing the shortlist of the finalists come out for the first time...all of a sudden my DMs and texts started blowing up from people who saw my name on the list. 

For everyone else, all they see is me becoming a finalist for another award…

Personally though, I’m just shocked and proud to be seen as someone contributing to our culture on the highest level. 

I never ever thought I’d be competing with Kobe, but it’s a testament to how hard I’ve worked and being dedicated to my craft. 

You know I have to turn this into a gem for y’all right? Lol

I didn’t create the Ten000Hours series with the hopes of getting an award or going viral, and Kobe didn’t create Detail with the hopes of either of those things either. 

Being nominated for this award showed me that the greatest don’t ever put the work in with hopes of getting recognition for it. 

They do it either because they’re in love with the grind, or they want to have a huge impact on the culture in their own unique way. 

For the most part...it’s a combo of both. 

Don’t spend 10,000 hours honing your craft in hopes of getting recognition...do it because you love it and want to have an impact. 

I wouldn’t be up for this award if it wasn’t for all of your support, thank you for this opportunity!




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