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Spirit Bomb Basketball


If you’ve been around for a while, you know how much In The Lab has been influenced by Dragon Ball Z…

That’s why today, the team and I are super excited to drop our brand new “Spirit Bomb” basketballs:

If you’ve never watched Dragon Ball Z, let me just fill you in real quick…

(Seriously, you should watch the show)

The Spirit Bomb is a collection of every living thing’s energy, and it became a signature in Goku’s arsenal against some of his strongest enemies. 

The brand new basketball has a signature glow to it...which almost makes it look like a spirit bomb when the flash or lights catch it just right. 

The reflective pattern is going to make for some interesting hoop sessions with this in your gym bag, and it’s definitely going to turn some heads at the court

Grab Your Spirit Bomb Basketball HERE Before They Sell Out!

(I announced these on my instagram less than 4 hours ago and we’ve already packed up a few dozen to be shipped...we’re not sure these are going to last much longer.)

Send me a photo of the ball once you get yours, I just might repost it to my Instagram 👀




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