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Your 3-step plan to DOMINATE 2021

I’m already seeing motivational memes popping up on my timeline…

The ones that roll around in the last week of every year...the ones that hype everyone up into thinking that it’s “their time”.

Be real with me, and be real with yourself for a minute…

Are you just liking memes and enjoying the thought of actually making some real progress in 2021, or do you actually have a strategy in place to get where you want to go?

If you’re reading this, I’ll be real with you:

Most of the people you know will be in the same spot (or worse…) at the end of next year. 

Are you going to join them? Or will you actually be looking back on this a year from now feeling proud of yourself?

Me and the ITL squad are already getting our 2021 goals underway, and if you want to do the same, here’s what you need to do:

First, you gotta decide on 1-3 BIG goals you want to accomplish next year. Maybe it’s tripling your business, maybe it’s getting a high GPA, maybe it’s getting a promotion in your job. 

The key here is to try your best to make these big goals something that’s well within your control. Most people settle on things that they can’t necessarily change, and as a result, they fail. 

Whatever you decide on, write them down with a pen and paper...don’t just type them on a Google Doc where they’ll collect digital dust. 

Second, figure out what your milestones are going to be. 

(For example, If my goal is to get 1000 new customers, my milestones would be 10 customers, then 100, then 500, then 1000)

This is going to help you actually track your progress and keep you motivated to keep pushing. Milestones help you break the goal up into “chunks” that you can achieve more frequently but push you toward your goal. 

Write down 3-5 “milestones” for each big goal. 

Third, it’s time to figure out the weekly regimen that’s going to help you chip away at your goals each week. Your weekly routine should contain a list of things that you do consistently every single week that help you make progress. 

Here’s an example:

If my goal is to read 26 books next year, that means I need to read 1 book every 2 weeks. 

If the average book is 200 pages, that means that every week I need to read 100 pages. 

100 pages per week would break down to:

  • 20 pages per day for 5 days per week
  • 25 pages per day for 4 days per week
  • 50 pages per day for 2 days per week
  • 100 pages per day for 1 day per week

The key here is to make it a routine that you can stick to and fits with your other commitments. Create weekly regimens and action plans for every goal. 

You’ve got 2 days left in the year to get this all squared away, but this should only take you a few hours. If you do this, and you stay consistent, I can almost guarantee that you’ll be SHOCKED at how far you get in just 1 year. 

Small changes implemented every single day are going to have a profound effect over time. 

If you want to really make 2021 your year, it’s going to come down to the little things that you do every single day. 

Plain and simple. 

Stop scrolling IG and let’s get to work. 

Stay In The Lab, 



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