• The True Measure of Greatness

    The True Measure of Greatness A young student once asked his old teacher, "Teacher, what is the true measure of greatness?"  The teacher looked far away into the mountains and gave the following reply: Some measure greatness in height and weight, but great people are never so tall as when they st... View Post
  • A dream come true

    I grew up dreaming the same way every Hooper dreams. I wanted to dominate in high school, go to a big division 1 school, and then of course play in the NBA. Everything you see from the worlds best players, I wanted that at the age of 14. You see the stars on tv and they’re almost like gods in a s... View Post
  • Stop Procrastinating and focus in on your goals!

    Most people waste at least two hours each day by procrastinating, falling into meaningless, time-sucking activities, working on projects that don’t move them toward their big picture vision, tinkering around in social media or on the internet, or failing to grasp the art of saying “no” and setti... View Post